Matric Flash Classes

Use our flash classes to recap content before a big exam

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Flash Class is a 3-hour online revision lesson. 
  • It is structured to cover all the content you will see in the exam and is led by an Expert Onyx Tutor!
  • It is interactive, meaning the learner can ask questions and have them answered immediately.
  • The goal is to reinforce the knowledge learnt and ensure no learner is confused about the Exam content. 
  1. A spot reserved for the live session/s of the chosen subject
  2. Access to our recorded video lessons on your chosen subject until your exam
  3. Access to exclusive past papers on the subject
  4. Access to a tutor over Whatsapp
  • All Flash Classes are 3 hours long. With a 15min break. e.g. 12pm - 3:15pm
  • All Flash Classes are conducted over Zoom.
  • All Flash Classes are recorded and made available after the live session in case of internet issues.
  • The Flash Class is interactive and you are able to communicate with the tutor either through chat message or voice.
  • The structure is determined by the content that needs to be covered. 
  • In general the tutor works through some of the toughest questions of each section to be tested and provides learners with basic as well as deeper level understanding of concepts, theories or formulae.
  • A question and answer portion is offered at the end of every Flash Class.
  • Depending on the size of the class, the tutor may spend more time explaining certain concepts that most of the class struggle with.
  • A Zoom meeting invite is sent out on the morning of the course to the email address you signed up with.
  • Additional documents may also be sent via email on the morning of the course.

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