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Our Story

We are a start-up based in Cape Town.
Through our platform we endeavour to improve access to education, quality of education, learner involvement and ultimately learner performance.

Onyx started as an idea to create online content for the masses, but the 2020 pandemic and millions of learners across the world being forced to learn online, made us realise there was a need for something more meaningful.

Our gamified learning platform is in it's infancy, but we are able to create environments that learners miss out on with online experiences. Our aim is to supplement the teaching of schools across the country, to provide high quality, interactive tutoring at prices that are just.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

How We Can Help
Uni Students!

How We Can Help
School Learners!

What you get at Onyx

Convenient 24/7 learning

Affordable tutoring

Informative reports for parents

Accomplished and helpful tutors

Safe online learning

Rewarding and goal-oriented

Interactive and social learning

Syllabus-aligned modules


Onyx learners can study anytime, anywhere. We make learning easy.


Learners receive video lectures, quizzes and additional resources from experienced and knowledgeable tutors.


Learn in an environment which encourages and rewards interactive learning.


Receive more than tutoring at rates that don't burn a hole in your pocket.


Gamified learning and rewards-based challenges. Allowing learners to become self-reliant and goal-oriented.

CAPS or IEB Aligned

Structured modules mean learners easily navigate their entire syllabus .


Parents receive on demand reports on progress and performance.


Learn at home and maintain social-distancing guidelines. Designed with the safety of children in mind.


Learn together with social learning, interactive forums and study groups.

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